This guide helps with common Portal tasks. Although the portal is intuitive we provide this guide to ensure you can easily use this application.  If you have any questions or concerns, please submit to  Blue Goose manages this portal for our client and handles technical issues.  We provide documents and support for any issues outside your normal local administrators.


It is important to note, this site is view only.  There is no data or document editing features.  When you open a document to view you are opening a copy of the document, which you can save to your desktop and do with as you will.  The original document is always accessible on the portal.


Features include:

View open submission request (see all carrier quoted on that submission)

View policy details

View policy level documents published by the MGA

View Broker/Agent Statements

View published insured level documents published by the MGA

View Basic Insured details; i.e., address, company type, SIC code, etc...

Some sites provide rating indications

View Insured Contacts

Your profile; name, email, phone numbers, and of course change password. (only editing allowed on site)

If you are an administrator on the site, you can invite other users in you agent to the site and manage those users.  (only editing allowed on site)

Screen size auto adjust to your screen resolution.

All pages and buttons support touch screen technology.


Supported Browsers:

Internet Explorer: IE9, IE10, IE11




The new Edge Browser on Windows 10 has been tested and seems OK, but not officially supported


Note - Browser manufacturers are constantly updating their products.  We cannot guarantee an update you apply to your desktop will not cause issues with our site.  Should you encounter an issue, please send an email to our help desk with a description of issue, the browser in question, its version and if you just applied an update. The more information you provide the quicker we can find a resolution.   


Note - Screen size will adjust to your screen resolution, including on mobile devices.  However this portal was NOT designed with a mobile device in mind.  Therefore your user experience on a mobile device may not be to your satisfaction.  


Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 7, 8 & 10

Apple iPad


Windows Server Remote Desktop (2008R2 or better)

Citrix Terminal Server (as long as it supports IE 9 or better)



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