Add Additional Site Users


Once your site is registered by the first user, that user becomes the administrator to the site.  The administrator user can add additional user without the new user registering on the site.  A new user can register on the site but then must wait for approval by the MGA/GA administrator.   


Figure 9


Select the "Admin" link in the header as shown in Figure 9

You are taken to your company profile page

Select "Users" as shown in Figure 10


Figure 10


You will then see a list of current users signed up to the site

Select the "Send Registration Code" as shown in Figure 11


Figure 11


You are taken to the following page as shown in Figure 12


Enter Recipient Name

Enter Recipient email address

Enter Message for the user (not required)

Hit the save icon (Check icon in the top right)


Figure 12


The user will receive an email similar to the following as shown in Figure 13


They should click the link to be redirected to the Registration page as shown below in Figure 14.

                    - The registration code highlighted below will be entered automatically for the user if they click the link in the email sent.

                    - If they don't select the link, they can use this registration code using the normal registration process from the main login page.

They must enter a unique "User Name" for their login

They must enter a "Password" and confirm that password

They must pick a "Security Question" and an "Answer" to the question they choose

They can now log in using their new credentials


Figure 13


The user is directed to the


Figure 14




Note - by default a new user is not created with portal administrator role or view agent statement role.  However, you can edit the user after their registration is complete and assign these roles.