Broker Portal Menu


Once logged in, your landing page (Figure 2 & 3) as shown below:


The top section (Figure 2) is for site information and management. 


Figure 2


Admin is where site administrator can add users, deactivate users and register users.

Help Manual is this manual and is maintained on a public server for all users enterprise wide.

Profile is the same as the My Profile button in figure 2.

Log out is to log out of site.



Figure 3


Current Messages shows system information and other information you MGA wants you to see.

In Process Submissions shows all open submissions and the status they are in, along with pertinent details.

Find Policies/Insured shows all polices connected to your account, along with all pertinent details.

Statements shows all published broker/agent statements. (Access is security controlled by your site administrator)

My Profile shows your contract information and where you can change your password (Unless Indications is configured for site)

Recent Insureds keeps tack of the last dozen or so insured or accounts you viewed.  Simply click an insured to see those details.

Recent Submissions keeps track of the last dozen or so submissions or policies you viewed.  Simply click a submission or policy to see those specific details.